We only use genuine Bosch Rexroth replacement parts.

Caterpillar Part Number


This part fits the following Caterpillar machines:

Machine Type

Paving Compactor

Machine Model Numbers

CS-533D, CS-573E, CS-563E, CS-663E, CP-563E, CS-64, CS-583D, CP-533C, CP-573E, CS-531D, CP-563D, CS-563C, CP-563C, CS-573D, CS-563D, CS-531C, CS-76, CS-74, CS-583E, CS-683E, CS-56, CS-533C, CP-76, CS-573C, CS-583C, CP-64, CP-663E, CP-74, CP-533D, CP-56, CS-531

This is a refurbished Bosch Rexroth replacement unit for the Caterpillar 0R-9326. This unit does not require a core exchange. Use the form below to request a quote from our Customer Service department for this unit.

This is a refurbished replacement unit. The part number for a new replacement unit is 1235260

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