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K3VR Series

Repair, Rebuild, Parts & Maintenance

Do you need to fix your Kawasaki K3VR hydraulic pump? Or buy a new one? We are an independent hydraulic repair center, and we specialize in repairing and remanufacturing K3VR pumps.

Kawasaki K3VR Series Hydraulic Pump

Product Information

Product Highlights

  • Closed-circuit
  • Axial piston pumps
  • Suitable for variable speed control system
  • Built-in large capacity suction valve enables easy configuration of the closed circuit and contributes to the energy-saving and low noise for industrial machinery

Product Features

  • Variable speed control exclusive use
  • Two-step displacement switching control
  • Built-in suction valve
  • Low Pulsation, Low Noise
  • Wide line-up

Product Keywords

Kawasaki, K3VR, Hydraulic Pump, Axial Piston


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