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A4CSG Series 30

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Are you having problems with your Rexroth A4CSG Series 30 pump? We are an independent Bosch Rexroth repair center that specializes in repairing A4CSG Series 30 pumps. We guarantee all work will be done with genuine OEM parts. Request a quote and we will get you an estimate for the cost of A4CSG Series 30 repairs, reman, or parts and let you know how fast we can turn it around for you.

Bosch Rexroth A4CSG Series 30 Hydraulic Pump

Product Information

Product Highlights

  • Robust high pressure pump with integrated boost pump
  • Size 500 … 750
  • Nominal pressure 5100 psi
  • Maximum pressure 5800 psi
  • Closed circuit
  • Metric version

Product Features

  • Integrated boost pump for boost and pilot oil supply
  • Integrated pressure relief valves for boost-, control- and high-pressure
  • Robust pump with very long service life
  • Integrated flushing valve
  • Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size
  • Flow direction changes smoothly when the swashplate is moved through the neutral position
  • Axial and radial load capacity of drive shaft
  • Low operating noise
  • Visual swivel angle indicator
  • Controls with short response times
  • High total efficiency
  • Swashplate design

Product Keywords

Bosch Rexroth, A4CSG Series 30, Hydraulic Pump, Axial Piston, Variable Displacement, Closed Circuit


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