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Service Options

Premium Service Options

We offer different levels of premium service. Please call 800-800-6971 to see if your unit qualifies for any of the following options.

Same Day Repair Service

For units that we have repair stock on hand, we can offer our Same Day Service program. If you request one of these units or your unit is received by 10:30 am, we can have it ready to ship by 5:00 pm the same day.

VIP Service (24 Hour Rush)

Price is agreed upon and approved before the unit is returned to us for repair. Once the unit is received, it is inspected, rebuilt with genuine OEM parts, tested and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Keep On Moving (KOM) Service

In this scenario, an average repair price is established and agreed upon before the unit is sent to us for repair. Once the unit is received, it is inspected, rebuilt and tested in our normal shop schedule.

White Box Service


We don’t expect the pump, cylinder or motor you bring us for repair to be shiny and new, but we think what we return to you after rebuild or repair should look as good as it works. We call this White Box Service.

We clean your equipment, tear it down for inspection, repair and rebuild. After it’s tested and ready to ship back to you, we paint it and you’ll receive it packed securely in a clean, white box.

We respect your equipment and  your business. It’s the Wooster Way.