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Rexroth Pump Repair for Metso Jaw Crusher in Massachusetts

Hydraulics are used to power heavy machinery in a variety of industries, including drilling and mining. Both require massive amounts of power, and hydraulic units are necessary to the operation.

The mining industry relies on hydraulic systems to provide power for extracting minerals, and it’s important that they are working properly in order for efficient production and a safe working environment.

Tony contacted us from Massachusetts looking for a Bosch Rexroth A4VG180EP2D1/32R-NTD02F691LH-S pump. His unit had been used in his Metso LT150 Jaw Crusher—a machine used for mine and ore processing. With 2,500 hours on the pump, it was time for a replacement. We located the unit, shipped it to Tony, and he was able to resume operations with ease.

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