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Remanufacturing FAQs

What is remanufacturing?

We specialize in remanufacturing hydraulic pumps and motors, but you might not really know what it means to remanufacture — or reman — one of these units. It simply means that we replace the worn-out parts of one unit with genuine OEM parts from units that we keep on hand in our warehouse. Remanufacturing of hydraulic units and components is a primary part of our business.

So if you send us a Bosch Rexroth A10VSO Series 31 or Series 32 pump that has a problem, the first thing we do is tear it down. Then we thoroughly clean and inspect each part. If we find something that is worn out, we go into our inventory and find a replacement that is in good shape. When your unit is reassembled, we test it to make sure it meets manufacturer specifications. When our job is done, your unit is like new.

How does remanufacturing lower the cost of ownership?

Thanks to our core exchange program, we keep an inventory of used pumps and motors in stock, just so we can pull OEM parts from them to remanufacture another unit. Keeping parts on hand helps lower the cost of ownership because we have the parts you need in stock and we don’t need to order them.

Inventory in our warehouse.

How can the warranty for a remanufactured unit be as good as the warranty for a new unit?

We stand behind our work and our commitment to only using genuine OEM parts. We back our work with a one-year warranty that is equivalent to the new manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I get my pump or motor remanufactured faster than I can buy a new one?

Yes. Our turnaround time for a remanufactured unit is faster because:

How is it possible a remanufactured unit can perform better than a new one?

This is possible due to engineering improvements that are made over time. For example, a part made in 1990 may be slightly different today and provide higher performance. On top of that, we break down each unit, examine, and test each part. This is a key exercise in our quality control process.

Aren’t remanufactured parts just used parts?

No, because we thoroughly test all of the OEM parts we use in the remanufacturing process to ensure they meet or exceed the original OEM standards.

One of our hydraulic test stands.

Commitment to Remanufacturing and OEM Parts

One reason we can deliver speedy repair is because of the intellectual leadership on our team, and their commitment to using OEM parts. Our crew is led by seasoned and energetic hydraulics repair professionals who have seen and worked on just about every repair situation you can imagine — from farm to forestry to recreation and heavy machinery. You name it, they’ve got it somewhere in their head.

When you need help with your hydraulic pump or motor repairs, all you need to do is give our sales team a call at 800-800-6971 or reach out via email. Either way, they will get back to you as soon as they can and help you with whatever you need.