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Remanufactured Hydraulics are Good for the Environment

How long should a hydraulic pump last?  There is no clear answer to that question.  BUT, let’s consider that hydraulic pumps and motors are made from forged, machined metals, engineered to perform, and sized to meet the needs of the application.

The life cycle of any hydraulic equipment is going to be affected by operational stresses, the type and temperature of the fluids in the unit and adherence to a good maintenance schedule that includes proper filtration of the Hydraulic fluid.

Even if you’re operating your equipment at optimal levels and performing maintenance, wear happens and replacement becomes necessary.  We advocate remanufacturing over total replacement because, in most cases, some key components like the port block and housing are still useable and can be brought back to new specs by using OEM replacement parts, saving you time and money.

Our tear-down, repair and remanufacture process is good for the environment as well as being economical for our customers.  Every pump or motor we remanufacture means a reduced carbon footprint.

Good equipment is meant to last.

– Steve Matthew, President of Wooster Hydrostatics