Do you need an estimate for P and D on a remanufactured hydraulic pump or motor? Here is a partial list of remanufactured hydraulic pumps and motors we have in stock right now. Online inventory is updated about every two weeks. If you don’t see the brand or type of pump you are looking for, give us a call at 800-800-6971 or email our sales team by filling out the Quote Request form.

Be sure to check out our list of new hydraulic pumps in stock and our Featured Inventory for the month, along with the list of hydraulic parts that we usually have in stock in our warehouse inventory.

OEM Inventory # Unit # Quote
RexrothWU12954A10VNO85DFR1/53L-VWC11N00 S-43Request a Quote »
RexrothWU14261A10VSO18DR/31R-VSC12N00 -SO981Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12200A11VO40DR/10L-NZC12K01Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12806A20VLO190LG1S/10R-NZD24K02-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU12044A2F500W5P1Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11161A2FE107/61W-VZL100Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15300A2FM180/61W-VAB020Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11752A2FM28/61W-PPB01Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11767A2FM28/61W-PPB03Request a Quote »
RexrothWU10722A2FM323/SORequest a Quote »
RexrothWU12299A2FM90/61W-VZB010Request a Quote »
RexrothWU10304A2FO10/61L-PAB06Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11939A2FO23/61R-PPB05Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11769A2FO28/61R-PPB06Request a Quote »
RexrothWU10670A2FO56/61L-PZB05Request a Quote »
RexrothWU14183A4V71OV2L1C1O1ORequest a Quote »
RexrothWU10829A4VG28EZ1DM1/30L-PZC10N001X(E-Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15067A4VSO125HS3/22R-PZB13N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15066A4VSO250HS3/30R-PPB13K34Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15070A4VSO250HS3/30R-PPB13K35Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15069A4VSO250HS4/30R-PPB13K34Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11899A6VE107EP1/63W-VAL017ARequest a Quote »
RexrothWU11044A6VE55HD6/63W-VZL027BRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU11954A6VE80HA3T/63W-VAL22XB-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU12420A6VE80HZ3/63W-VAL020B-ERequest a Quote »
RexrothWU13267A6VM215HZ5000001F/71AWV0E4T220Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12706A7V500DR5.1LZF00-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU11898A7VO107LRH/61L-PZB01Request a Quote »
RexrothWU15392A8VO107SR/60R1-PZG05K07Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11490AA10VO28DRG/31L-PSC61N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU10179AA10VO45DFR/3XR-VSC61N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU13092AA10VO45LA7DS/53R-VSC62N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12046AA10VO71DFR/31R-VSC92N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU13337AA10VO71DFR1/3XL-NSC62K04Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12783AA10VO71DRG/3XL-NSC61N00-S052Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12287AA10VSO140DFR1/31R-PKD62K08Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12428AA10VSO45DFR/50L-PUC64N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU13913AA11VLO130LRDH1/10R-NSD12N00-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU13166AA11VLO145LE1S/11R-NZG62N00T-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU12782AA11VLO95DRS/10R-NSD62N00-SRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU12530AA11VO95DRS/10L-NSD62K04Request a Quote »
RexrothWU10385AA2FM125/61W-VSD510Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12416AA2FM63/61W-VSD520Request a Quote »
RexrothWU11937AA2FM63/61W-VSD527Request a Quote »
RexrothWU14200AA4VG250EP3DM1/32L-NSD60F041DPRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU11021AA4VG40EP1D1/32R-NSC52F003DRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU13336AA4VSO355LR2G/30R-PKD63N00Request a Quote »
RexrothWU12036AA6VM55EZ4/63W-VSD520BRequest a Quote »
CharlynnWU12535CHAR-LYNN 112-1215-006Request a Quote »
HagglundsWU15420HAGGLUNDS CA THRU DRIVE TA1420Request a Quote »
HagglundsWU15421HAGGLUNDS MDA10N100 BRAKE FORRequest a Quote »
RexrothWU13173MCR05 / 820Request a Quote »
RexrothWU13253MCR3 / 400Request a Quote »
ParkerWU13081PARKER P2075L00C1C21LA20N00S1ARequest a Quote »