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Reduce Environmental Impact with Genuine OEM Parts

One of the best ways to reduce environmental damage and increase sustainability is to assess whether a machine needs to be upgraded. Manufacturers are tempted to consider upgrades just because older components have broken down and spare parts are hard to find. However, upgrades should be deliberately planned according to a precise business growth strategy, not commissioned as a way to bypass the difficulties of coping with obsolescence.

Just like with new parts, each stockpiled obsolete part has created most of its carbon emissions but then just ends up gathering dust in a warehouse. From there, the best outcome is that they are scrapped and recycled, possibly straight into new parts that hopefully get used.

When faced with a broken or worn-out part, businesses often choose potentially expensive upgrades to new models and machines, with the prospect of repeating this process when the machine wears out.

Parts become obsolete for a variety of reasons, such as new specifications or regulations, design changes or simply because the OEM stopped making them make space for a newer model. These parts might still be in stock somewhere, but it will require a reliable parts supplier to find them.

Determining if obsolete parts will work in a machine opens the door to a two-pronged attack on potentially wasteful practices. First, if an obsolete part can be sourced, the demand for new parts is lowered. Secondly, using obsolete parts wherever practical makes the most of the resources, energy, and associated carbon emitted on behalf of those parts.

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If you need someone that can help you fix any piece of your hydraulic system, conduct testing, or help you develop a maintenance plan, we have you covered. We are an independent hydraulic repair shop and our veteran team has the hands-on know-how and access to state-of-the-art technology to help you out. We have repaired, rebuilt, and remanufactured hydraulic units for customers all over the world and we are proud of our track record and the relationships we have built with our customers and companies like Bosch Rexroth, Linde, and Oilgear.

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We can send our field technicians to your location for on-site inspection and repair. If your operation has stopped, we can help get your pump back up and running as soon as possible. Our reliable, experienced team can perform diagnostic services and minor repairs for equipment and machinery used in many industries. Our team can travel throughout the United States and we have even traveled to international locations.

Same Day Hydraulic Repair

If repairs cannot be made on-site, then ship it to our facility. If you’re close enough, you can drop it off. If you get it to us by 10:00 AM, and we have the same model in stock, we’ll repair it and have it ready to ship by 5:00 PM the same day.

Our Guarantee to You and Commitment to Quality

When you send us your unit, we guarantee:

  • We will only use genuine OEM replacement parts.
  • If you ship it to us, we will thoroughly test your unit on our test stands.
  • We will only ship it back to you if it meets or exceeds OEM specifications.