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Parker F12 Hydraulic Pump Core Exchange Program

Krystal, based out of Florida, contacted us about a Parker F12-250-QF-SV-F-000-000-P. They specialize in troubleshooting and minimizing repair time on hydraulic and pneumatic field services. Their fluid power specialty allows them to serve a variety of industries such as mining, metal processing, manufacturing, food and beverage, marine, and heavy equipment.

Our partnership with Fluid Power Solutions located in Columbus, Ohio, allows us to broaden our expertise in all areas of hydraulic solutions.  We were able to assess Krystal’s hydraulic needs and find an affordable and effective solution.

We remanufactured one of our Parker cores through our Core Exchange Program. After we cleaned it, broke it down, inspected it and rebuilt it, we sent it to Krystal and she was able to return to serving her customers in their hydraulic repair needs.

Contact our customer service team today to learn more about our Core Exchange Program and our expertise in Fluid Power Solutions.