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Oilgear PVWC022A1UVRHAS Pump Repair for Manufacturing Industry

Ken contacted us about a repair for his broken Oilgear PVWC022A1UVRHAS pump. In order for his unit to be working properly, he needed a new barrel for the rotating group. Thanks to our expertise in pump repairs, we had the tools and experience needed in order to repair his pump. Here’s a look at the steps we took to repair Ken’s unit.

After we received Ken’s broken pump, we replaced the barrel with a new one we had in stock. During the repair, we only used genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) materials as part of our commitment to avoid gray-market material. After we repaired the pump, we cleaned it, inspected it, tested it, and shipped it back to Ken so he could resume production.

Hydraulic pumps are used in many different settings and are vital to everyday operations, which is why it was so important to repair Ken’s pump quickly and thoroughly. We were able to repair Ken’s pump and ship it back to him so he had operations up and running again in no time.

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