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Oilgear PVV-250 Core Exchange for American Recycling Company

An American company that concentrates on recycling solutions contacted us in regards to our Core Exchange Program. Since they focus on repairs, troubleshooting and fabrication design for the recycling industry, it was important that their operations could resume efficiently.

Jason was interested in the acquiring an Oilgear PVV-250-B1SV-LDFT-V-M20SA-CP/163. He also needed the following parts: cylinder block, pistons, shaft bearing, valve plate and seal kit.

While searching through our extensive inventory, we were able to locate the items Jason needed. After we cleaned his equipment, we inspected it, tested it, reassembled it, and shipped it to Jason in a clean white box, so your equipment looks as good as it works. Our customer service care and commitment to an sustainable environment, much like Jason’s company, is what we call the Wooster Way.

To learn more about the Wooster Way and our current inventory, contact our customer service team today. The best way to do that is by filling out the form on this page.