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Oilgear Hydraulic Pump Repair

Do you need Oilgear hydraulic pump repair, rebuild, or replacement? We specialize in Oilgear pump repair and rebuilds. If you need a free estimate for any Oilgear pump, get in touch with us today to find out how much it will cost for repairs.

We provide fast, reliable hydraulic pump repair service on all Oilgear models. We are guarantee all repair work will be done with genuine OEM parts, so you know that you aren’t getting gray market or counterfeit parts.

Our team of skilled technicians will give your pump the attention it needs, and put it through our detailed inspection and repair process. Once the pump has been reassembled, we’ll test it thoroughly with our state-of-the-art-test equipment.

When you get your pump back, it will meet or exceed factory specs. Once you work with us, we think that you will keep coming back to us for all of your Oilgear hydraulic repair needs, including Oilgear hydraulic motors.

Oilgear Pumps We Can Repair

If you don’t see your model number listed below, don’t hesitate to call or contact us. We service just about every model of pump that is available from Oilgear and other manufacturers.

Variable Displacement Pumps

Oilgear Variable Displacement Pumps are some of the most reliable on the hydraulic market. They offer a wide range of displacement ranges, pressure ratings, speed ratings, and types of mounting configurations to meet your needs.

  • PVM
  • PVWJ
  • PVWW
  • PVWC
  • PVG
  • PVV

Fixed Displacement Pumps

Choose your displacement ranges, pressure ratings, speed ratings, and types of mounting configurations. Oilgear’s pumps are designed to last longer and consume less energy.

  • PFBA
  • PFBK
  • PFCM
  • PFCS
  • PFWH
  • PFWW

Oilgear Type D Variable Displacement Pumps

Oilgear Type D Variable Displacement Pumps are of the radial rolling piston and pintle type for pressures up to 3000 PSI.

  • Size 4
  • Size 8
  • Size 12
  • Size 20
  • Size 35
  • Size 60
  • Size 400
  • Size 150

On-Site Oilgear Hydraulic Pump Repair Field Service & Consultation

When you are on the job and under a deadline and equipment fails, you need fast, reliable repair. We can send in our field technicians to get your Oilgear pump back up and running as soon as possible. Our reliable, experienced team can perform diagnostic services and minor repairs for equipment and machinery used in many industries. Our team can travel throughout the United States and many international locations, including North America and South America.

Fast, Accurate Oilgear Hydraulic Pump Repair

If repairs cannot be made on-site to your Oilgear pump, you can ship it to our facility. If you’re close enough, you can drop it off. We know how important it is to get your hydraulic systems back up and running. So you can trust us to get your pump repaired and back to you as fast as possible, and working properly.

About Oilgear Products

Oilgear Products and systems are designed to operate with environmentally friendly fluids in mind. Oilgear makes both fixed and variable displacement pumps. Designed to last and be very efficient, Oilgear pumps last longer than many of their competitors. Featuring a long line of hydraulic accessories to meet the needs of consumers, Oilgear offers a comprehensive line of valves and integrated manifolds. Oilgear also offers Hydraulic power units and electronics.

Don’t see your Oilgear hydraulic pump model number? Not a problem. Call 800-800-6971 or send us an email. Chances are we’ve worked on it before and have parts for it, even if it’s not listed on our website.