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OEM Replacement Parts for Sauer Sundstrand Hydraulic Units

There are many instances in which a pump or hydraulic core will break, and a replacement is necessary in order for a unit to work. In this case, time is the most important factor in getting your production back up to speed. One client contacted us with this issue, and we did everything we could to help him succeed.

Timur was looking for two pumps: a Sundstrand, A-97-21-33566 and a Sundstrand, A-97-21-09294. He was on a relatively tight deadline, so needed these parts returned to him quickly. Due to our large inventory, we had these units on hand and shipped them back to Timur in no time. But just because we focused on speed doesn’t mean we skimped on quality.

We are committed to only using genuine Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts to ensure a high-quality and safe product. By only using OEM remanufactured parts, we avoid the “gray market” products, and are confidant that your parts aren’t tampered or altered with.  Not only did Timur receive his part quickly, but he also received a genuine OEM certified unit.

Contact our customer service team to learn more about our quick service options and our commitment to using OEM materials.