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New 210L Tractor Loaders from John Deere

John Deere has announced its new 210L and 210L EP tractor loaders are available with grade control-ready and grade indication factory options. These are the first tractor loaders in the industry to offer these features, which provide faster and more precise fine grading for many applications like site prep, road building, and landscaping.

John Deere 210L Tractor Loader (courtesy of John Deere).

Support for Advanced Grade Control Systems

These tractor loaders support 2D and 3D grade control systems, and the factory-installed grade indication provides the operator with a real-time on-board readout of critical data, including:

  • Machine cross slope
  • Main fall slope

If the grade control system is installed at the factory, then owners will not need to disconnect any hydraulic hoses, or perform any bracket welding.

The grade control system provides additional help for operators because it can automatically control the lift and tilt cylinders of the box blade.

Updated Box Blade

The 210L series box loaders have a new, updated box blade. It provides a single attachment solution that is designed to cut the grade and spread material more accurately, and with more visibility.

The ripper mechanism has also been given increased clearance allowing material like rocks and gravel to easily pass through the frame.

New box blade for the 201L series (courtesy of John Deere).

Key Facts About 210L Series

  • The 210L features a 93-horsepower PowerTech Plus diesel engine.
  • The 210L EP comes with a 69-horsepower Yanmar engine.
  • Both feature the four-speed PowerShift transmission for smooth, no-clutch fingertip shifting
  • Front-wheel drive can be engaged on-the-fly to provide better traction in poor conditions or under heavy loads.
  • The loader lifting capacity for the 201L has been increased by 26%.
  • The loader lifting capacity for the 201L EP has been increased by 16%.

John Deere Hydraulic Services

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