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Moog Servo Motor Repair Services

Trust us for all of your Mitsubishi servo motor repair services.

Servo Motors represent a critical advancement in motion control, and you cannot afford down time due to failed motors. Only a few companies provide repair services on these complex pieces of equipment, and only a select few can service all closed loop technology designs. Our repair process includes:

  • Motors are broken down to the sub-component level
  • Each motor is fully run tested
  • Bearings are replaced
  • If necessary, we rewind the motor
  • Recalibrate the encoder/tach

We offer premium repair and customer support services. We call it White Box Service, and it includes:

  • Detailed failure reports that will accompany your motor when it is returned
  • All repairs carry a 1-Year In-Service Warranty

About Moog Servo Motors

Moog specializes in Fractional Horsepower DC Motors and brushless servomotors. The Fractional Horsepower DC Motors provide high performance in a compact design and the Servomotors are designed for dynamic industrial application with high positioning times.

Types Of Moog Servo Motors We Repair

If you don’t see your model number or series listed below, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We service just about every model of servo motor that is available from Moog and other manufacturers.

Moog Brush Motors

Brush Motors from Moog are high performance, Fractional Horsepower DC Motors. They are designed to provide high performance across a wide array of power ranges. These motors are designed for industrial, aerospace and defense applications. They are also compliant with the EU Directive for Hazardous Substances. This line of Moog Brush Motors includs: Avionics brush DC Motors, Brush Torque Motors, Cube Torque Brush DC Motors, Gearmotors, Miniature High Torque DC Motors, Optical Encoders and Permanent Magnet DC Servomotors.

Moog Brushless Motors

High performance Brushless Motors from Moog are Fractional Horsepower DC Motors. They are designed to provide smooth, efficient operation at various speed ranges. They are found in industrial, aerospace and defense applications, and they can also function as the servomotor in a system. The Brushless Motor line includes: Brushless Torque Motors, Gearmotors, Limited Rotation Motors, Linear Motors, Optical Encoders, Outside Brushless DC Motors, Silencer Series DC Motors, Silencer Series Drive Electronics, Toroidally Wound Brushless DC Motors.

Moog Brushless Servomotors

Moog is committed to providing high performance Brushless Servomotors that offer performance, power density, reliability and are easy to integrate with industrial applications. Motors in this line include: Fastact G Servomotors, Fastact J Servomotors, Fastact T-F-W Servomotors and Fastact G49X Explosion Proff motors.

Don’t see your Moog servo motor model number? Not a problem. Call 800-800-6971 or send us an email. Chances are we’ve worked on it before and have parts for it, even if it’s not listed on our website.