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Linde In-House Reman Has Ended! Get Started with Us Today!

Linde has stopped its in-house remanufacturing services as of February 2023. Get set up with us today for all your Linde remanufacturing needs!

What is replacing Linde’s In-House Remanufacturing Service?

To replace its in-house remanufacturing services, Linde has set up the Linde Service Center (LSC) Program. There are only a few companies in North America that have partnered with Linde and are part of the LSC Progam — and we are one of them!

What does this mean for you?

The end of Linde’s in-house service means you will need to work with a Linde Authorized Repair Center if you want the same level of service you received from Linde’s in-house team.

What does our relationship with Linde as an Authorized Repair Center mean to you?

  1. We are an authorized member of the Linde Service Center (LSC) Program.
  2. Our staff has done on-site training with Linde.
  3. Our independent repair facility is factory-supported by Linde.

As a trusted hydraulic repair shop, you can be sure that we only use genuine Linde OEM parts for our work, and that we will restore your Linde pump or motor to meet or exceed factory specifications.

Prior to February 2023, Linde offered in-house remanufacturing services. Now, all work is done by Authorized Linde Service Centers — like us!

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Get started with us today as part of the Linde Authorized Service Center (LSC) Program!

Linde’s in-house service ends soon!

Fill out the form or give us a call at (330) 263-6555, or toll-free at (800) 800-6971.

A Linde Authorized Service Center Since 2019

We have been an Authorized Linde Service Center in North America since March 2019. As a Linde Service Center, customers have been able to trust us for aftermarket service, maintenance, and repair of Linde Pumps and Linde Motors.

Linde Hydraulics is known all over the world for the design, development, and production of modular drive systems that integrate hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and electronic controls. Linde systems are used in a variety of heavy-duty applications, like mining, agriculture, and forestry.

As part of the Linde Service Center Program, our team has been factory-trained by Linde, and our facility is factory-supported. We are also the nearest full-service repair facility to Linde’s facility in Canfield, Ohio.