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Kawasaki K3V180 Hydraulic Pump Core Exchange

Our industry sees a variety of units and parts every day. From a massive hydraulic pump to a single fastener on a machine, each unit is essential to industry operations. This is why we enjoyed working with Mike.

Mike’s company distributes small manufacturing components to companies all over North and South America. They have multiple material categories, but some highlights include adhesives, caps and plugs, handles, grips, fasteners, positioning components. These products may seem obsolete compared to the large machinery our industry typically works with, but they’re just as important. Which is why it was imperative that we do anything we can to help Mike’s operations reach full potential.

Mike reached out to us about a Kawasaki K3V180 unit. He specifically asked about the Kawasaki unit Core Exchange Program. After we constructed a remanufactured Kawasaki unit, we shipped it off to Mike. He then sent us his used pump back, so we can keep remanufacture it for another client. This helps keep units out of the resmelting process, which reduces pollution and saves energy. Mike installed his remanufactured pump and was able to help operations continue to their full potential.

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