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Hydraulic Repair Near Akron, Ohio

Are you looking for hydraulic repair service near you, in the Akron area? Our repair shop is just under an hour away from you, in Wooster. You can drop your pump or motor off or ship it to us for fast, affordable repair from experts you can trust and repairs you can count on.

Directions to Wooster Hydrostatics from Akron

If you need help right away, call the sales team at (330) 263-6555 or (800) 800-6971.

Hydraulic Repair Shop

Our team of experts has the state-of-the-art technology needed to repair all types of units — pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, final drives.

On top of that, our facility is ISO 9001:2015, so you can trust that we follow a structured, measurable set of policies and procedures that ensure you will receive consistent, high-quality service.

You name it, we can probably fix it, regardless of the brand name, including:

Genuine OEM Parts — Guaranteed

We have a huge inventory of OEM parts that we use to repair, rebuild, and remanufacture hydraulic units. We are 100% committed to helping you avoid “gray market” products so you can be confident you aren’t getting parts that have been altered, tampered with — or maybe even counterfeit.

We have a core exchange program so we keep the warehouse well-stocked. We keep a partial inventory online, so you can check out the following links to see some of our featured inventory items.

On-Site Consulting and Field Service

If you need on-site repair, we can send our field technicians to you. We can also help you create a preventive maintenance plan that will extend the life of your equipment.

Hydraulic Repair Experts

If you are looking for reliable hydraulic service and consultation, look no further than the expert team at Wooster Hydrostatics. Call us today at (330) 263-6555 or (800) 800-6971 to learn more about how we can help keep your equipment running at peak performance.