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Hydraulic Parts in Ohio

At Wooster Hydrostatics, we are known for our dedication and commitment to only using genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all of our repairs and remanufacturing work. 

Why do we only use OEM parts?

To begin with, it guarantees that your hydraulic unit can be restored to the original operating specifications of the manufacturer. What’s the point of having your unit remanufactured if it’s not going to operate to the original specs? Using OEM parts helps ensure we meet those specs. And, to be honest, in many cases, we are able to exceed the specs.

Using OEM parts also helps reduce production downtime, and allows you to operate with confidence. You know the parts come from the manufacturer, so they are compatible, high quality and durable.

So how do we get our parts?

We buy and swap cores.

We break them down and catalog each and every part. Then we store them in our warehouse. We know exactly what we have on hand, and what we might need.

Sometimes, we have parts that we may not need, or units that have been rebuilt and are sitting on the shelf. You can purchase directly from our inventory, and have items shipped to you. If you’re in Ohio, you can swing by and pick up your order.

And if we don’t have the part you need, we can probably get it for you from someone in our network — including our partner in Central Ohio — Fluid Power Solutions. In some cases, we can get complete replacement units from the manufacturer. In fact, we’re an authorized distributor of Bosch Rexroth genuine replacement pumps and motors for heavy equipment.

Not only do we feel that using genuine OEM parts is important, but we also believe it’s important to be a good neighbor. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with companies, contractors, and business owners in and around our hometown of Wooster and all over Ohio.

So, if you’re looking for hydraulic parts anywhere in Ohio, you know who you can turn to — Wooster Hydrostatics.

We know hydraulics.

We know parts.

We know Ohio.