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Hydraulic Motor Repair, Rebuild, Service & OEM Parts

We are recognized worldwide for our expertise in hydraulic motor repair.

We offer comprehensive repair, remanufacturung, and diagnostic analysis on various brands of hydraulic motors. If you think that your hydraulic motor needs fixed, or is not working as well as it should, then get in touch with our team and we’ll help you solve your problem.

Hydraulic Motor Repair for Many Brands

We keep a vast inventory of hydraulic parts and units on hand in our warehouse, including parts for hydraulic motors. This allows us to provide fast, affordable repair and testing for hydraulic motors from many manufacturers, including:

How Do Hydraulic Motors Work?

Hydraulic motors use pressurized hydraulic fluid to transfer power between pistons, turning the motor for more force and requiring less start up power. The pressurized fluid replaces gears and levers. This approach is known as mechanical replacement, and it helps to increase the start-up power of the motor.

A basic hydraulic motor contains two pistons separated by tubes that hold hydraulic fluid. When one piston moves it displaces the hydraulic fluid, which cannot be compressed. The pressure from the first piston, plus the pressure from the fluid, is transferred via the tubes to the second piston. This is what turns the motor.

All hydraulic motors have three common features:

  • A surface area that is subject to the pressure differential
  • A method of controlling the porting of the pressurized fluid to the surface
  • A connection between the surface area and an output shaft

The performance of the hydraulic motor depends on:

  • The ability of the surface to withstand force
  • Leakage characteristics
  • Efficiency of the method used to link the pressure surface to the output shaft

And the performance of a hydraulic motor is measured by:

  • Pressure Flow
  • Torque Output
  • Speed
  • Volumetric and Mechanical Efficiencies
  • Service Life
  • Physical Configuration

Types of Hydraulic Motors We Repair

At Wooster Hydrostatics, we offer fast, affordable hydraulic motor repair and service. We also have a vast inventory of hydraulic parts on hand in our warehouse, which allows us to offer 24-hour turnaround on repairs and, in some cases, same-day hydraulic motor repair service. We specialize in hydraulic motor repair, including the repair of:

  • External Gear Motors
  • Internal Gear Motors (both Direct Drive Gerotor Motors and Orbiting Gerotor Motors
  • Roller Vane Gerotor Motors
  • Vane Motors