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Hydraulic 911: October 2016 in Review

Welcome to Hydraulic 911, our recap of important projects that we’ve worked on over the last month, including hydraulic repair jobs. Each project highlights our commitment to customer service, use of OEM parts for all hydraulic repairs and our ability to work with customers all over the world.

For October 2016, we have four projects to tell you about:

Bosch Rexroth A2FE Hydraulic Motor Repair for Forestry Industry

Chuck contacted us because he was in need of a specific hydraulic motor. His company, located in Canada, specializes in heavy equipment distribution within the construction and forestry industries. Their machinery is used in a variety of contexts and requires an immense amount of power from hydraulic pumps in order to operate correctly.

He noticed that the motor on one of his larger pieces of machinery wasn’t working as well as it should, and he needed to find a replacement. Specifically, he needed a Bosch Rexroth A2FE125/61W-VZL192 motor.

Chuck talked with our customer service team and together they were able to come up with a quick solution. Thanks to our large inventory, we had the parts that Chuck needed on hand. Our technicians cleaned and inspected the equipment then shipped it to Chuck.

He was able to replace the motor in this specific machinery and put it back in his show room so he could provide a better selection for his customers.

On-site Inspection for Hagglunds CA140 Radial Piston Motor

Here at Wooster Hydrostatics, our services extend beyond just the inventory in our warehouse. Sometimes, hydraulic repairs can be done on-site and an inspection by one of our highly skilled technicians can help prolong the life of your hydraulic equipment. This is exactly what we did for Scott.

Scott was rebuilding one of his shredders and was using a Hagglunds CA140 motor. However he noticed that the motor wasn’t performing as efficiently as it should have. After learning more about the motor, one of our technicians went out to visit Scott and see what he could do. After the in-person inspection, our technician decided that the best option to extend the life of the motor was to send it back to our technicians in Wooster and repair it.

After a thorough repair and final inspection, we sent the motor back to Scott so he could reinstall it in his shredder. Our field consultation services are an efficient way to have an expert inspect and repair hydraulic equipment.

Bosch Rexroth AA4VSO Pump Repair for Racing Industry

Oftentimes, we think of industries such as construction, mining, forestry and agriculture as frequent consumers of hydraulic units. However hydraulics are utilized in many industries, including the racing industry.

Keith contacted us about a repair he was making on one of his racecars. He had a Bosch Rexroth AA4VSO 180 DR/22R-PKD63N00 that he had to replace after it had stopped working properly. He still had the original pump that he wanted to repair as a back up.

He sent us the original pump, and our team was able to repair it so it would work as good as new. We sent it back to Keith so he could have a spare on hand in case anything happened to his current pump.

Safety is the top priority for Keith and his drivers, so it’s important to have equipment that works properly and efficiently. We’re happy to ensure that his drivers are using quality equipment that keeps them safe.

15 Oilgear PVWJ-022-A1UV-LGAY-P-LNNSN Parts to Asia

Our technicians have experience repairing a variety of hydraulic brands and products. Including Bosch Rexroth, Hagglunds and Linde. Dinesh reached out to us from India inquiring about a repair on a particular Linde HPR 105-2R 2688 open loop pump he had on site.

After talking with Dinesh and learning more about the specifics of the pump he had, we decided the best solution would be for us to send him a remanufactured pump. Our technicians located a Linde pump in our inventory and began to get to work on the repairs.

After testing and inspecting the remanufactured pump, they shipped the pump to Dinesh in India. He then installed the newly repaired pump and was able to resume normal operations in no time.