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Hydraulic 911: May 2016 in Review

Welcome to Hydraulic 911, our recap of important projects that we’ve worked on over the last month, including hydraulic repair jobs. Each project highlights our commitment to customer service, use of OEM parts for all hydraulic repairs and our ability to work with customers all over the world.

For May 2016, we have four projects to tell you about:

Pump Repair for Brueninghaus Hydromatik A10VO45ED72/53L-VWC62K01T

Rudy reached out to us because he was interested in our pump repair program.  His company specializes in large equipment such as conveyer belts, electrical motors, air compressors and hoist fixtures. This equipment relies on strong and powerful hydraulic units. It’s important to keep these hydraulic units in good working conditions, which is why Rudy called for our expertise.

He had a Brueninghaus Hydromatik D-72160 (A10VO45ED72/53l-VWC62K01T) that needed serviced. After sending us an email of the pump and parts, we were able to get an idea of the condition the unit was in. Rudy shipped us the pump so our skilled technicians could get a better look.

After servicing the pump, and completing a thorough cleaning and inspection, we returned the pump to Rudy so he could put it back to good use.

We know how important working hydraulics are to your operations, so we’re dedicated to ensuring quality repairs, or as we like to say, we’ll fix it right, fit it fast and fix it as a good price.

White Box Service for Denison PV09YA-053-31R-04-Y-2-S5 Pump

Here at Wooster Hydrostatics, we offer many different repair services so we can best fit your needs. Curtis contacted us because his Denison PV09YA-053-31R-04-Y-2-S5 pump needed serviced. He was sure that a few parts definitely needed replaced, but wanted our opinion to see if a complete overhaul would be a better solution.

Curtis shipped us his pump, which offered our skilled technicians a better look at what was going on. They found the replacement parts within our large inventory, but also invested time in ensuring Curtis received his pump back in almost new condition. This meant they inspected it, cleaned it and prepared it to send back to Curtis looking as good as new.

This service is what we call White Box Service. We’re proud to serve you and your hydraulic needs, so we take the care to make sure you are receiving the best quality with our services.

Pair of Bosch Rexroth Pumps to Washington

Thanks to our large on-hand inventory, we are able to solve your hydraulic needs quickly and efficiently.  Just like we did for Pat.

Pat reached out to us from Washington with a special request; a set of Bosch Rexroth AA10VS0140DR/31R-PKD62K68 and A10V0100DR/31R- PKC62N00 pumps that were bolted together. Her company uses this for a special set of equipment used in their energy industry, and her old set needed to be replaced.

After looking through our inventory, we were able to locate the pumps and parts she needed to create the bolted set. We then prepared it for shipment, which meant we inspected, tested, and cleaned the unit.

Pat received her bolted set in a matter of days and was able to replace her old pump with our new one. This allowed her to resume normal operations and get back to business as usual.

Fast Turn-around for Bosch Rexroth AA2FM63/61W-VTD510

Tammy contacted us in search of a replacement motor for one of her hydraulic units.  She needed a Bosch Rexroth AA2FM63/61W-VTD510 motor, and needed it quickly.

We located a refurbished motor in our large inventory. Our skilled technicians then matched the parts to what Tammy needed for her unit. After a quick, yet thorough inspection, the unit was prepared for shipment back to Tammy by the end of the day.

When your hydraulic unit breaks down, it can halt production tremendously, so we understand that you’re not only looking for a good solution, but also a fast one. We proudly offer services that ensure that you quickly receive a quality repaired pump, so you won’t have to be too far behind in production.