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Hydraulic 911: March 2017 in Review

Welcome to Hydraulic 911, our recap of important projects that we’ve worked on over the last month, including hydraulic repair jobs. Each project highlights our commitment to customer service, use of OEM parts for all hydraulic repairs and our ability to work with customers all over the world.

For March 2017, we have seven projects to tell you about:

Remanufactured Sauer Danfoss Pump 90L100KP1NN60S3T2E03GBA424224

After a routine inspection, Saul noticed that one of his units wasn’t performing up to par, and he figured it was time to replace the pump. He reached out to our team hoping that we could help him find a replacement.

He specifically needed a new Sauer Danfoss 90L100KP1NN60S3T2E03GBA424224 unit. Our qualified service technicians knew exactly what to look for and quickly got to work. They located a remanufactured pump in our on-hand inventory and prepared to send it to Saul in Texas.

Before shipping the remanufactured pump, our technicians inspected, tested, and cleaned the pump, wanting to make sure it would be as good as new when it arrived to Saul.

We know how important hydraulic units are to your day-to-day operations, which is why we strive to be quick and efficient in finding you a solution. Our customer service team and skilled technicians work seamlessly together to find the best result for your request.

Denison 033-71907-A Pump to Russia

Even though we’re based in Wooster, Ohio, our hydraulic services and expertise extend all over the world.

Dmitriy contacted us from Europe inquiring about a new potential purchase for one of his large hydraulic systems. He needed a Denison 033-71907-A pump, but had some questions about whether or not he should purchase a new or remanufactured one. After speaking with our technicians, they agreed a new pump would be the best option for Dmitriy and his business.

Our technicians were able to locate a new pump in our extensive inventory, and prepared to send it to Dmitriy. Thanks to our history with international markets, the shipping process to get the pump to Dmitriy was quite painless.

After a handful of days, he received his pump, and with the guidance from our service technicians, he was able to install it without any issues.

Hydraulic units are utilized all over the world to help a variety of industries reach their goals. We’re happy to provide our expertise and knowledge to these markets.

Hagglunds Brake Cylinder BCI-M-10-200 to Europe

Not only do we strive to ensure that you are receiving products on time and for a good price, but we also want to ensure that they’re of the best quality and will be in it for the long haul.

Roy requested some information regarding a Hagglunds brake cylinder BCI-M-10-200 for one of his systems. After speaking with our service technicians, he discovered we had the part he was looking for in our inventory. Because Roy is located outside of the United States, our experience in international trade helped us with a successful delivery of the part to Roy in Europe.

To ensure that Roy, as well as all of our customers, are receiving quality parts, we only use genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. This way, you can be confident that your hydraulic parts are of the highest safety and quality standards. By only using OEM materials, we avoid gray-market areas, and produce longer-lasting units.

O-Ring and Seal Kits to Thailand

Wherever you may be located in the world, our technicians can help solve your hydraulic needs from right here in Ohio.

Witchuda contacted us from Thailand. His company specializes in power solutions for Southeast Asia and parts of the Middle East. They heavily rely on hydraulic systems, and it can be quite costly if a unit isn’t working properly.

He was in search of two O-ring kits and seals. He needed these in a hydraulic starter for a Bosch Rexroth AA4V250 motor. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we had these parts available and prepared to ship them overseas to Witchuda.

Our history with international trade made this a simple exchange, and thankfully he received his parts in just a couple of days. After installing the new seals, he reported everything was running smoothly again—just what we like to hear!

Core Exchange for Two Linde HMF075-02 Cores

We’re known here at Wooster Hydrostatics for our Core Exchange Program, which is one way of solving your hydraulic solutions when time is limited.

Mike contacted us about a core exchange for two Linde HMF075-02 cores. Our technicians located two newly refurbished parts in our warehouse. After inspecting and cleaning them, we shipped them to Mike.

Through our core exchange program, Mike received these two refurbished cores that we had in stock. After he installed them in his hydraulic units, he shipped us his used cores. Our technicians then inspected, repaired, and cleaned the parts Mike sent us so they will be ready to use in the next core exchange.

The core exchange program is our way of quickly solving your hydraulic solutions by keeping a large supply of refurbished cores on hand.

Repaired A4VG56HW1/30R-PSF10F021S Pump to Oregon

Chuck contacted us regarding a variety of parts he needed to update a hydraulic unit. His company was helping one of their customers revamp their unit so it would perform better and be more cost efficient. In order to do so, they needed to replace some of the old parts with better working pieces.

They were working with a Bosch Rexroth Pump A4VG56HW1/30R-PSF10F021S that was purchased new in 1989, and while it’s lasted them over the years, it was time to update it. Chuck specifically noted that it needed a new shaft, seal kit, swash plate and lens plate. He wanted to know if it would be better to replace these individual parts, or just replace the entire pump as a whole.

We had all of the pieces he requested in our inventory, and after talking with Chuck, we knew that while his pump was dated, it still worked relatively well. Together we decided it would be best to replace the individual parts and keep the core of the original pump.

Chuck sent us his old pump, and our team got straight to work on repairing it. After replacing the old parts with new ones, we tested, inspected and cleaned the entire pump before sending it back to Chuck. And because the parts he needed were already at our shop, we got this all finished within a day.

Replacement Parts for Outdated Hydromatik A4VO 130 DRS/10 R-PZA 12 N00

When you have an old unit that is in need of repair, it’s often a question of whether you replace certain parts or the whole unit. This is dilemma Emilie was having when she contacted us about her Hydromatik A4VO 130 DRS/10 R-PZA 12 N00 unit.

She had a hydraulic pump that was going on 25 years of service. And while it had been working well, she noticed that it was time to replace it—she just didn’t know if she should replace the whole unit, or just a few key parts.

Our skilled technicians talked with Emilie to come up with the best solution, which incorporated both refurbished parts as well as a new pump. After testing, cleaning, and inspecting these pieces, we shipped them to Emilie in Africa.

Thanks to our service technicians and our background in international trade, we were able to come up with a quick but effective solution for Emilie.