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Hydraulic 911: February 2017 in Review

Welcome to Hydraulic 911, our recap of important projects that we’ve worked on over the last month, including hydraulic repair jobs. Each project highlights our commitment to customer service, use of OEM parts for all hydraulic repairs and our ability to work with customers all over the world.

For February 2017, we have six projects to tell you about:

Rushed Repair on Bosch Rexroth AA10VS071DRG/31R-PKC92K03 Pump

Delivery time can make the difference between whether an operation is successful or not.
Our friend Kristie contacted us from Tennessee in need of repairs for her Bosch Rexroth AA10VS071DRG/31R-PKC92K03 pump. Her company specializes in repair techniques and testing within the hydraulic industry. This project was on a tight time frame, so she expressed her need for a time sensitive delivery.

Our technicians got straight to work in finding a solution for Kristie—Our Same Day Service seemed to be the perfect fit. We received Kristie’s request early enough in the day that we were able to locate the repair parts for her pump in our stocked inventory. After inspecting it and cleaning it, we had it ready to ship to her by the end of the day.

With expedited shipping efforts, Kristie received her pump the next day. She was able to meet her deadline and resume operations with her project.

Due to the importance of hydraulic systems, rushed service requests are not uncommon in our industry. Our team is equipped to handle rushed service requests, just like we did for Kristie. We’re dedicated to making sure that even if you’re on a tight time frame, your hydraulic problems will be solved.

Genuine OEM parts in Bosch Rexroth A10V0140DFLR/31R-PSD62K07 Hydraulic Pump Repair

We specialize in remanufactured parts and service repairs, which is just the reason why Chris contacted us. He was looking for remanufactured parts for his A10V0140DFLR/31R-PSD62K07 pump.

Our technicians searched our vast inventory and located the parts he needed. Before sending them, they cleaned and inspected the parts, making sure they would be as good as new when they arrived.

We are dedicated to only using genuine original equipment manufactured parts in our repairs so you know you are getting quality service, not just from our technicians, but also from the parts that make up your repaired unit.

By using genuine OEM parts, we can assure you’re receiving top quality equipment that will service you for the long run.

Replacement Pump for Bosch Rexroth AA4VG125HWD1/32L-NSF52F001F-S and R902024039

Mario wanted to do some preventative maintenance on his hydraulic unit, so he contacted us about ordering Bosch Rexroth AA4VG125HWD1/32L-NSF52F001F-S and R902024039 pumps.

Our technicians were more than willing to help Mario find the parts he needed. Thanks to our history with the Bosch Rexroth brand and our extensive inventory, we were able to quickly locate the parts he was looking for.

Before we shipped the parts to Mario, we cleaned and inspected the unit to make sure it would exceed his expectations. Mario received his unit and was able to make the repairs he needed to ensure his equipment ran smoothly and efficiently.

Sometimes, locating a potential problem and fixing it before it occurs is the best way to ensure your production is running at its highest potential. Our technicians are dedicated to making sure your equipment and operations run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Remanufactured Bosch Rexroth AA6VM160EP2/63W-VSD527HB-E Unit

Ray reached out to us with some questions regarding his hydraulic unit. He was experiencing some problems with his Bosch Rexroth AA6VM160EP2/63W-VSD527HB-E unit. After talking with our technicians, he decided the best plan of action would be to replace his current model.

Instead of purchasing a brand new model, Ray wanted to purchase one of our refurbished and remanufactured units. Our technicians reassured him that the remanufactured unit has been inspected, tested, cleaned and remodeled to be as good as new. We then placed the unit in one of our signature white boxes and shipped it off to Ray.

He was able to install the unit and noticed his production was operating as normal—just what we wanted to hear.

Denison P30S 7R1B 9A2 B00 2B1 M2 Pump to Europe

Thanks to our sales history and reputation, our services are not just limited to the United States, but they extend all over the world.

Dzmitry sent us a request from Europe inquiring about a replacement pump for one of his hydraulic units. He was repairing a Denison P30S 7R1B 9A2 B00 2B1 M2 pump and needed replacement parts in order for his repair to be successful.

After looking through our inventory, our technicians found a match for Dzmitry’s request. They took the parts into our shop and cleaned, inspected and prepared them to send to him overseas.

We have an extensive track record with international business and exchange of hydraulic units. Because of this, we understand the process of international shipping and are prepared to get your units to you on time and for a fair price.

Our customer service team has years of experience in international markets and is willing to help you figure out the best solution for your hydraulic needs.

New Bosch Rexroth AA4VG180HD1DM132L-NSD52F021D Pump

While we have many items in our inventory that are rebuilt or remanufactured units, sometimes the best solution for your hydraulic issue is to order a brand new pump.

Steve contacted us wanting advice—he was wondering if he should purchase a remanufactured or new unit. He specifically needed a Bosch Rexroth AA4VG180HD1DM132L-NSD52F021D pump. After talking with our skilled technicians, they both agreed that the best course of action for Steve would be to purchase a new pump.

Our technicians located a new unit in our stock and had it ready to ship to Steve. Once he received the unit, he replaced his old one with the new pump and reported that his entire hydraulic system was performing better.

When questioning the best plan of action for your hydraulic issues, contact our customer service team. Our team will help you find the best course of action for your hydraulic needs.