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Hydraulic 911: April 2017 in Review

Welcome to Hydraulic 911, our recap of important projects that we’ve worked on over the last month, including hydraulic repair jobs. Each project highlights our commitment to customer service, use of OEM parts for all hydraulic repairs and our ability to work with customers all over the world.

For April 2017, we have six projects to tell you about:

Bosch Rexroth A2F016/61L-PAB06 Unit to Contractor

While working on a contracting project, Glenn noticed that some of his machinery was acting a little abnormal. After a quick inspection, he realized the hydraulic unit needed to be replaced. He then called our service technicians to see if we had a quick solution for him so he could resume work on his contracting project.

He specifically needed a replacement for his 1996 Bosch Rexroth A2F016/61L-PAB06 unit. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we had a rebuilt unit in stock, and were almost ready to send it to Glenn. But before we shipped it, we had our skilled technicians inspect the rebuilt unit, test it, clean it, and prepare it for Glenn so it would work as good as new.

Glenn received his rebuilt unit a couple of days later and quickly put it to work. After installing it, he reported that things were working back at a normal rate, thanks to the refurbished unit.

Bosch Rexroth AA4VG56HWD2/32R-PSC52F075S Pump Replacements in Logging Industry

Faulty hydraulics not only slow down production, but are also a safety hazard. In industries like logging and forestry, many types of machinery rely on hydraulic solutions for power in order to effectively and safely perform at pressured production rates. So when a unit isn’t working properly, it can slow down production efforts. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about replacing hydraulic units when possible.

Dan reached out to us about repairing his hydraulic unit used in his logging equipment. He wasn’t experiencing any issues yet, but knew that it was about time to replace the unit. He needed to replace two pumps, specifically Bosch Rexroth parts AA4VG56HWD2/32R-PSC52F075S.

Our customer service team helped Dan find exactly what he needed. We were able to locate the pump he needed in our inventory and prepared to ship them to Dan. By replacing his pump early, he was able to save time and effort by foreseeing the potential delay if he were to heave to replace his pumps later.

Bosch Rexroth AA4VG71EP1D1/32R-NTFXXK071EC-S Replacement Pump for Case 850K Dozer

Corey contacted us in need of replacing one of his hydraulic pumps in his construction equipment. His company specializes in commercial and residential development, and their Case 850K dozer needed one of the two hydraulic pumps replaced.

Our team was happy to help Corey out and got straight to work on replacing his Bosch Rexroth AA4VG71EP1D1/32R-NTFXXK071EC-S pump. While we weren’t replacing the second pump, it was helpful that Corey told us that the tandem pump was a Case pump 401630A2—this way our technicians could make sure we were getting the best fit for Corey. After locating the replacement pump in our inventory, our team cleaned, inspected, and sent the pump off to Cory in South Carolina.

No matter what your industry or line of business is, our team strives to make sure we provide the best fit for you and your team’s specific needs. We’ll work with you and try different options until we find the best solution.

Parker Denison Model T6CC 0017 008 1R 00 C100 Replacement Pump for Manufacturing Industry

Many industries rely on hydraulics to run efficient operations, especially manufacturing plants. Alan contacted us from a plant in Kentucky that was having problems with one of their hydraulic units. Our team was dedicated to working with Alan to figure out what was wrong and to find a quick and efficient solution for him.

After talking with Alan, we decided that it would be best for him to get a new pump to replace his older one, a Parker Denison model T6CC 0017 008 1R 00 C100. Our skilled technicians found the proper parts in our inventory and rebuilt Alan a pump. After testing, inspecting, and cleaning the pump, they shipped it to Alan in Kentucky.

Alan replaced his pump and noticed that his entire hydraulic system and unit was working more efficiently. This means he was also able to be more efficient in production.

Our team is happy to work with you to figure out how to use hydraulics to maximize efficiently in your production.

Parts for Linde HPR160L Hydraulic Pump to Wisconsin

Mike contacted us from a Wisconsin company that works closely with hydraulics. They were working on a unit for a customer, but they needed a refurbished part for a Linde pump that they didn’t have in their inventory. After talking with our customer service team, we realized we had the part on hand in our stock and could get it to Mike. This way, he could quickly repair the unit and deliver the working unit to his customer.

Mike was specifically looking for Linde parts H2X264M00210 HPR160L for a Linde pump.

After our technicians located the parts in our inventory, we prepared to send them to Mike. He received the parts and installed them in the refurbished pump, then delivered that to his client.

While we didn’t directly work with Mike’s client, together through great relationships and teamwork, we helped to rebuild the pump. We oftentimes rely on these types of relationships in order to get parts quickly so we can have a faster return time on your pump. This way, you can resume your normal operations sooner.

Urgent Replacement for Bosch Rexroth AA6VM107HA2/63W-VSD527A Unit in Europe

Sometimes, plans and orders fall through and unfortunately you’re left to find solutions to an urgent situation.

This is exactly what Fraz was experiencing when he contacted us from Europe. He needed a hydraulic starter motor for a unit that had broken down. Unfortunately, they were let down by their trusted supplier, and they were stranded without a motor frantically looking for a solution.

Thankfully, we were able to step in and help Fraz out. He needed a Bosch Rexroth AA6VM107HA2/63W-VSD527A unit. Our technicians were able to locate one in our extensive inventory and quickly prepared to send it to Fraz. We inspected and cleaned the motor, then prepped it for the fastest possible shipping method. Since we were shipping overseas, our international shipping experience helped us get the parts to Franz without any issues.

We understand how detrimental a broken hydraulic system can be to your operations, and when an order falls through for a replacement, we know it can be frustrating. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding you a quick and efficient solution so you can get back to normal operations as soon as possible.