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FAQs About Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are used all around us and help us create massive amounts of energy that create movement that allows us to perform amazing tasks.

Common Questions About Hydraulic Systems

Here are some important questions that help explain what hydraulic systems are, the science behind them, and how we use them every day.

What is the definition of the word hydraulic?

Hydraulic is defined as “denoting, relating to, or operated by a liquid moving in a confined space under pressure.”

What is the definition of the word hydraulics?

Hydraulics is the branch of science that studies the application of the movement of a liquid through a system for the purpose of creating energy used to perform movement.

What is the science of hydraulics based on?

Hydraulics is based on the work of French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal and theories he developed while conducting experiments in hydrodynamics and hydrostatics. Pascal’s experiments resulted in many things, including the syringe and hydraulic press.

The hydraulic press was based on the idea that pressure applied to a confined liquid is transmitted undiminished through the liquid in all directions regardless of the area to which the pressure is applied.

This concept is known as Pascal’s Law.

Blaise Pascal, Portrait

Portrait of Blaise Pascal from Wikimedia.

What is a simple definition of a hydraulic system?

In simple terms, a hydraulic system is a collection of components that pressurizes a fluid and produces energy that creates motion that is used to perform a specific task.

Every system that transfers energy by pressurizing an incompressible fluid is a hydraulic system.

What are hydraulic systems used for?

Hydraulic systems are all around us, and we use them every day. We use them to lift, push, or pull heavy objects, or to apply force. They are particularly useful where the load requirements of a system can quickly change and can increase the safety of the equipment the system is part of.

Hydraulic systems are used for many different applications, including:

Garbage Truck Hydraulic Repair

Hydraulics are vital to garbage collection.

What are the Standard Components of a Hydraulic System?

The common components of a hydraulic system are:

  • Hydraulic fluid, which is necessary for energy transmission.
  • A reservoir, which stores the fluid.
  • A hydraulic pump, which is used to transport the fluid from one part of the system to another.
  • A power source, usually a hydraulic motor, that drives the hydraulic pump.
  • Actuators that convert the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
  • Piping that the fluid moves through to get from one location to another.
  • Valves that control the flow and direction of pressure.
  • Filters that remove contaminants from the fluid.
  • A fluid level indicator that shows the operator how much fluid is in the reservoir.
  • An air breather, which is a special valve that allows air into the system when needed.
  • Seals that prevent leakage and air from getting into the system.
  • Heat exchangers that control the temperature of the system.

Although these are commonly found in many hydraulic systems, each system can vary based on the requirements of the application.

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