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Cat Announces Updates to M Series Medium Wheel Loaders

Caterpillar has upgraded its M-Series Medium Wheel Loaders. These machines are designed by Cat to provide operators with everything they need to get the job done in one package. Cat understands that everyone has different needs, so it has engineered the M-Series machines to meet various requirements. The new updates ensure that Cat is working to meet the ever-changing needs of operators. This video highlights the features found in the M-Series Loaders.

New Additions to the M-Series Line

The line introduces the 928M Forestry Machine and 928M High Lift. These new machines feature Cat’s Advansys ground-engaging-tool system, which allows. According to Cat, “A stronger adapter nose results in up to 50 percent less stress, and improved adapter-nose geometry reduces sliding wear on adapter surfaces. The improved tip shapes shadow the adapter straps and welds for longer adapter life. New 980M/982M buckets are released with weld on adapters; 950M – 982M bolt-on adapters are interchangeable with the former J and K Series.” Cat has also updated the interior with new seats and suspensions, which vary based on the trim options — comfort, deluxe, and premium plus.

New seat for the M-Series loaders (image provided by Cat).

Updates to M-Series Loaders

Cat has made updates to the line that are aimed at reducing maintenance costs and complying with government regulations.

  • Compliant with U.S. Tier 4 final emissions regulations
  • Compliant with EU Stage V regulations
  • Extended change intervals of 1,000 hours for engine oil, engine oil filters, and hydraulic filters
  • Conversion of some filters (fuel and engine oil) from spin-on to cartridge-type
  • Remote flash support for software updates
  • New universal coupler for models 966M through 972M
  • New LED and Halogen work and roading light packages
  • High visibility films on handrails for enhanced awareness of handrail locations

Hydraulic Repair for Cat M-Series Loaders

We offer complete repair and maintenance services for Caterpillar hydraulic units on M-Series loaders, including pumps, motors, and cylinders.

Genuine Replacement Pumps & Motors for Cat M-Series Loaders

We are a distributor of genuine Bosch Rexroth products as replacements for pumps and motors used on heavy machinery and equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, including the M-Series Loaders. If you are looking for a new pump or more (or a replacement), just use the search box below to get a quote for your unit.

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