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Cat 374 Excavator Hydraulic Repair Services

Are you looking for hydraulic repair services for a Cat 374 excavator? Caterpillar recently upgraded the 484-horsepower 374 excavators, and we offer a full line of hydraulic services for all Caterpillar heavy machines, including pump repair, motor repair, final drive repair, and on-site visits. Get in touch with us today for a repair estimate, or P and D on a new or remanufactured pump or motor.

Caterpillar Upgrades the 374 Excavator

The upgrades on the new 484-horsepower Cat 374 excavator focus on the things that matter in demanding conditions: high loading production, a 20% reduction in maintenance costs, and a beefed-up boom, stick, and frame designed to deliver twice the durability of the previous 374F.

In fact, Cat says the 374 can now load up to 33 Cat 772 trucks per hour working at 100% job site efficiency. (This assumes a 6.5-cubic-yard bucket working in 1.6-cubic-meter material density.)

Cat 374 Excavator, Caterpillar Hydraulic Repair

Caterpillar 374 Excavator courtesy of Caterpillar.

Using a new dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit, the 374 can regenerate swing brake energy and independently manage cylinder oil flow, Cat says. This circuit has a dedicated bi-directional swing pump, swing motors, charge pump, and charge accumulator. The swing pump supplies oil to the swing motor; the charge pump and accumulator prevent cavitation (air bubbles) and overheating.

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Our Commitment to Providing Hydraulic Repair Services for Caterpillar Heavy Equipment and Machinery

No matter how old your Caterpillar machine is, it still relies on hydraulics to perform the job you need to have done — whether that’s drilling, hauling, loading, or mining. We specialize in hydraulic repair for hydraulic units — pumps, motors, final drives, cylinders — you find on any Caterpillar machine. When you need help with your Caterpillar hydraulics, all you need to do is give our sales team a call at 800-800-6971 or reach out via email. Either way, they will get back to you as soon as they can and help you with whatever you need.

Genuine Replacement Pumps & Motors for Caterpillar Machines

We are a distributor of genuine Bosch Rexroth products as replacements for pumps and motors used on heavy machinery and equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, including the M-Series Loaders. If you are looking for a new pump or more (or a replacement), just use the search box below to get a quote for your unit.

Enter the Caterpillar OEM part number that is on your unit and press [SEARCH].

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If the system finds a match, you will be able to immediately request a quote.