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Can a Hydraulic Pump be Repaired? Yes!

You want to know if your hydraulic pump can be repaired, right?

The answer is, yes, and if you send your pump to us for repairs there are some key benefits:

1. Cost — Competitive Pricing for Your Budget

If you have us repair your hydraulic pump, It can be less expensive than buying a new pump. Who doesn’t want to save money? On top of that, we like to build long-term relationships with our customers. We want you to come back to us for all your hydraulic repair services. We offer hydraulic pump repair for different brands. We are also an Authorized Linde Repair Center and we are factory-backed by Kawasaki.

Hydraulic Pump Repair Shop, Units Waiting for Repair

Can a hydraulic pump be repaired? Yes! This picture shows pumps on our shop floor, waiting to be repaired.

2. Speed — Fast Turnaround Limits Your Downtime

We can diagnose, repair, test, and ship your hydraulic pump back to you much faster than you can order and receive a new pump direct from the manufacturer. We absolutely understand that downtime means money for your business, and we want to help you get back up and running as fast as possible. We work with customers from all over the world and in many different industries.

3. Precision — Peak Performance for Your Pump with OEM Parts

We only use genuine OEM parts to repair hydraulic pumps. Our extensive hydraulic parts inventory allows us to meet — and often exceed — the manufacturer’s performance specs. We have a huge warehouse with thousands of pumps in it that we pull parts from.

Hydraulic Pump Repair Shop, Spare Parts Inventory

We do all our repair work with genuine OEM parts from our inventory, which is shown here.

4. Reliability — Test and Repair Standards Provide Peace of Mind

Our independent hydraulic repair facility is certified ISO 9001:2015  so you know our employees follow a strict set of structured, measurable policies and procedures that ensure you will receive high-quality hydraulic repair service. Before we ship your pump back to you, we will thoroughly test it on our ISO-certified test stands. We keep our test stands on a calibration schedule with traceability back to NIST which guarantees our test results are accurate and reliable

5. Knowledge — We Know Your Pump

Our team has years of experience repairing different types of pumps, repairing pumps from different manufacturers, and repairing pumps used in different applications. And yes, every single hydraulic pump repair shop can tell you the exact same thing. However, we think the one thing that sets us apart from other ships is our knowledge. When we say we know your pump, we mean it. We have taken it apart and cleaned it with our own hands. We have inspected it down to the very last detail with our own eyes. We have been doing this so long that we know your pump inside and out. We can probably tell you what screw or bearing or seal is going bad by just having you tell us what is wrong with your pump or what kind of weird noise it is making. Knowledge. It is intangible. You will not find it in a manual, you will not find it on a line card, but you will find it in our repair shop and with our customer service team — and it is invaluable.

Hydraulic Pump Repair Shop, Assembly

This picture shows our team in action, assembling a pump it has successfully repaired.