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Brueninghaus Core Exchange for Hydro Vac Truck in Canada

The Core Exchange Program provides a quick solution for repairs to your hydraulic units. Matt took advantage of this program when he was searching for a much-needed Brueninghaus pump.

Matt was looking for a  pump for his Van Con hydro vac truck, specifically the Brueninghaus AA4VG125HWDT1/32. Thanks to our Core Exchange Program, we have a large inventory of many different brands—including Brueninghaus. We were able to locate the unit Matt needed, and shipped it to his warehouse in Canada.

After Matt received his newly refurbished pump, he sent us his used one in return. We took it apart, inspected it, fixed it, cleaned it and reassembled it so it’s as good as new. We’ll then use this repaired unit in another core exchange.

To learn more about the Core Exchange Program, contact our customer service team by calling 1-800-800-6971.