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Brueninghaus AA4VG Pump Exchange for Canadian Mining Company

Matt contacted us from Canada inquiring about our Core Exchange Program for a Brueninghaus AA4VG series hydraulic pump. His company specializes in high-powered operations, such as blast hole drilling, explosives and blasting service and reverse circulation. Their mining operations include rail production, tunneling, road construction and urban environments. These services require massive amounts of power, so Matt uses hydraulic trucks, such as a hydro excavation truck.

He needed to replace his Brueninghaus AA4VG125HWDT1/32 pump on his hydro-vac truck. This truck utilizes pressurized water and vacuum power to dig, and it’s imperative to operations.

We decided our Core Exchange Program was the best fit for Matt and his individual situation. We built him a remanufactured pump and shipped it to Matt in Canada. After he swapped out the unit, he sent us his used one in return. This was a quick and effective solution that allowed Matt to return to his drilling schedule in no time.

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