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Bosch Rexroth A6VM Hydraulic Motor Parts for Customer in Lebanon

Ali contacted us from Lebanon looking for replacement parts for one of his hydraulic motors. His company specializes in geotechnical engineering design, and it often uses large equipment and machinery. It’s important that these machines are in excellent working condition to ensure the safety of the workers and the efficiency of construction.

He needed spare parts for the Bosch Rexroth A6VM160HA1T/63W-VZB020A motor. After speaking to Ali about the specific parts he was searching for, we located them within our inventory and prepared them for shipment.  Thanks to our expertise in international business, shipping the parts to Ali in Lebanon was not an issue.

No matter if you need an entire motor unit repaired, or just a minor replacement part, we can help find solutions for your hydraulic issues, big or small. Contact our customer service team to see how we can help.