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Baldor Servo Motor Repair Services

Trust us for all of your Baldor servo motor repair services.

We can repair Baldor AC Servo Motors, DC Servo Motors And Brushless Motors.

Servo Motors represent a critical advancement in motion control, and you cannot afford down time due to failed motors. Only a few companies provide repair services on these complex pieces of equipment, and only a select few can service all closed loop technology designs. Our repair process includes:

  • Motors are broken down to the sub-component level
  • Each motor is fully run tested
  • Bearings are replaced
  • If necessary, we rewind the motor
  • Recalibrate the encoder/tach

We offer premium repair and customer support services. We call it White Box Service, and it includes:

  • Detailed failure reports that will accompany your motor when it is returned
  • All repairs carry a 1-Year In-Service Warranty

About Baldor Servo Motors

Baldor has been supplying reliable servo motor solutions since the 1920’s. Baldor has a wide selection of high performance AC brushless servo motors, DC servo motors and stainless steel servo motors for the motion control industry. Baldor goes beyond the industry standard with innovations to provide reliable performance, while exceeding customer expectations.

Types Of Baldor Servo Motors We Repair

If you don’t see your model number or series listed below, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We service just about every model of servo motor that is available from Baldor and other manufacturers.

BSM N-Series AC Servo Motors

BSM N-Series motors provide your applicaiton with low inertia to attain the highest acceleration capability and the highest machine throughput. These motors work hard increasing productivity, improving part quality, providing precision and reducing cost in many applications.

BSM C-Series AC Servo Motors

BSM C-Series mostors have a higher standard for inertia – providing an excellent match for equipment requiring higher inertial matching for the machine. These motors provide an economical package best used in applications with higher load inertias.

BSM R-Series

BSM R-Series motors from Baldor allow designers to make use of the benefits of brushless technology in smaller compact packages – less maintenance, quieter operation, faster acceleration.

Stainless Steel Brushless Servo Motors

Baldor’s totally stainless steel SSBSM series of servo motors are designed for food, liquid, pharmaceutical, washdown, and high hygiene applications. They may be applied in harsh, corrosive environments, and are designed to handle IP67 and withstand 1500 psi washdown conditions. These motors are offered in standard and low inertia designs for best machine inertial matching.

DC Brushless Motors

The BSM25 and BSM33 brushless DC motors with Hall sensors provide machine designers the benefits of brushless technology – quieter operation, smaller size, maintenance-free, longer life, and faster time to speed. They represent the best long-term investment that Baldor has to offer.

DC Servo Motors

These motors are designed for the rugged, demanding requirements of industrial motion control. A wide variety of options are available for customization to meet your application needs – tachometers, encoders, brakes, mountings, shafts, windings, speeds, connectors, environmental.

Don’t see your Baldor servo motor model number? Not a problem. Call 800-800-6971 or send us an email. Chances are we’ve worked on it before and have parts for it, even if it’s not listed on our website.