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Applying Tribal Knowledge to Hydraulic Repair

Tribal knowledge is knowledge that is gathered over time and may not be found in a textbook, or on an engineering drawing.  Experience and sharing in this case is the best teacher.

In the Hydraulic repair industry, ensuring that your provider has built up a store of tribal knowledge is critical.  Our unique team worked and trained at Rexroth.  They provide our authentic base of “Tribal Knowledge” that ultimately benefits you by bringing speed and accuracy to their diagnostic services.

In addition to the incredible amount of in-house knowledge housed in the core tribe, we have a new generation of people learning from them who also attend The Ohio State University ATI.  They’re taking Hydraulics courses at ATI and visiting Rexroth for training.

We’ve made a commitment to keeping our tribal knowledge in step with the changes in the industry and have fostered a continuous learning mindset in our team.  Wooster Hydrostatics is the company with hydraulics repair professionals at every bench who can answer your questions and remanufacture your pumps and motors.  Our goal is to keep you up and running because of our on-going commitment to tribal knowledge, and authentic expertise.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs.

– Steve Matthew, President of Wooster Hydrostatics